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Monday, 26 October 2009

Lonely ? You Don't Need To Be.


For many years I have been in and out of relationships. I was married for eleven years and though at the time it seemed great, I now know it was a very trying period in my life.

I was 17 when I tied the knot and my first child came along just a few short months after.

You may think wow ! and he was in it for eleven tears.

It was a good marraige to start with and being in the Armed Forces at the time, we had plenty of time apart. That was maybe what kept it alive so long.

She was a good mother, children always came first and that was a really good thing, but there was so much missing from the relationship.

I left the forces and within months was in a bedsit, feeling sorry for myself.

Well, a few sad months and unemployed made me start thinking about a future, well I was only 26 yrs old. Not ready for the scrap heap yet.

Sound familiar ?

The great thing about life is, You have to live, move on, try again, survive !

Where do you go from here?

You first try to get your life in order.


So what do you have to offer - I was a Chef.

So off I went and read the papers, visited the DSS and looked on the net.

Well there I was, soon working in a Hotel in Wales. Middle of nowhere, but not so far in the sticks as not to be able to go out.

I used to go drinking on my days off and I met some really lovely people.

My Social life had begun.

Trouble is ! Jobs don't always last forever and then as a chef I was on the move again.

Well I covered quite a few places in England, Scotland and Wales, meeting nice and soimetimes not so nice people, but always having a social life of some kind.

Five children under my belt and guess what ?

Here I am again !

I have been with the love of my life for 14 years, she's lovely, can't stop loving her but I left a lot to be desired and she stopped loving me.

We are still friends but it is very painful to see her and I so wish to tell her how I feel, but do I want to lose her frienship too, because that would possibly be the outcome.

No I don't, so I will bare the pain and keep seeing her, maybe when I'm too old she will realise she still loves me but maybe not.

You might say, Well you are not lonely ! I am, I sit here and know I should be with her, but I can't be and Christmas is coming and guess where I will be !

You got it, sat here being lonely.

Well I am now going to study being lonely and keep this blog up to date, YOU can give me your feedback and thoughts and I will try to put them in some sort of order and keep this blog up to date with new and interesting information.

I have even opened a dating site for all those who want company on a short term no tie basis.

I am a member, but not dating as not ready to consider that yet.

The Site is:

Please take a look, it may be what you need and one day it may be what i need, but for now, its there for everyone else.

I would love to hear from you all, but I only speak english, so please bare that in mind.

If you want updates on my Blog, I will be creating an opt in or opt out mailing list, please join, if your not happy, opt out.

Lifes funny, but we are very resilient and always manage to pull through.

Let me have your comment or even your life story to add here.


comprepman said...

Well I enjoyed writing that part of the blog and hope to see many comments on it. Watch for my updates.

Anonymous said...

Hi. This post is likable and your blog is very interesting, congratulations!
add your

comprepman said...

THanks Chang, most appreciated

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