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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

What is Depression

What is Depression
Depression is an illness. You have a feeling of sadness for long periods at a time, maybe months or even years.

We all feel sadness at some time in our lives, but for the average person, this is a short experience.

For people with depression, it affects thier daily life and routine. They don’t want to be around people, even the people who are very close to them. They don’t want to go to work because it means dealing with people and issues that will make them feel worse. There is also exclusion as they stop doing all the things they would normally enjoy doing, regardless of how important it is to their lives.

There is a tendency to not even cope with the things that are required, such as; eating, bathing, getting up, caring for themselves and this means that someone must be made aware of the illness, to ensure that the person is getting the essentials things in life sorted.
Feelings of being worthless, hopeless and constant tiredness are all prominent signs of depression, where support is of the utmost importance. These thoughts can lead to the person considering suicide and often the outcome is not pleasant.
The effects of depression, do not only affect the person who has it but it also affects family and friends.

The mood swings can cause others to feel upset and down, as well as confused. This is because they don’t understand what the depressive is going through. Those around a depressive need to be supportive but able to take a back seat, to accept that the illness has not been caused by them and rarely there is a cause.

To not allow the feelings be passed to themselves and attempt to raise the mood of the depressive.
The depressive cannot explain what has caused them to feel the way they do and sometimes discussion of recent and past events can help but in my personal opinion, having lived with a depressive for fourteen years, bringing up the past can make them feel much worse.
It is important for a depressive to visit their Doctor, who will be aware of their illness and know the right course of treatment to follow. Occasionally he may change the pills or methods, according to the depth of depression being experienced and the amount of time it has been prevalent.
At this point I must advise that there are organisations that can offer help and advice for the sufferer and their families in dealing with depression and suicidal feelings.

Without getting too deep into the who's and how they can help, here is a short list of organisations.
• Manic Depression Fellowship –

• Depression Alliance Scotland –

• Beyond Blue –

• Aware – helping defeat depression –

• MDF Wales –

• Mind – Information and advice –

• The Samaritans – A helpline for people in need of a friend to talk to – – Tel: 08457 909090

• The Doctor – your local Practitioners Office

• A Friend – Advise people how you feel – let them know you need help – Make it SOON.
It is not easy to deal with people when this illness takes effect; it’s certainly not easy to explain how you feel.

You have to try and get someone to help you. Take you to the GP or even get him, to come to you.

Help with the daily routine that is so very important to you. Draw on their support and strength to help you through.
If you have a partner, tell them while you don’t have depression what to expect when you do. Forewarned is forearmed and it will help them to help you, to the best of their ability and also to understand that you cannot function normally when you are ill.

What can increase the chance of depression ?
• Bereavement – Don’t attempt to deal with this alone, discuss it with family and friends.

• Relationship breakdown – Let your friends and family know how much this is hurting.

• Confrontations – Try not to get into confrontations or at least ensure you have some support.

• Official People – Always take a friend or family if you have to go anywhere official.

Council, Police, Court, Benefits Office etc.

• An Illness other than Depression, may lead to depression. – Discuss this with someone else who could offer support.

• Alienated from family or friends – Attempt to repair this, you may need support from friends.

• A new born baby – Women can be vulnerable after a birth.

This is not an exhaustive list, there are many factors to depression but all have the same issue, the NEED for support. A Partner, Friend, Family or an outside influence, like your Doctor.
What you can do to reduce the risk of severe depression.
• Ensure you take your medication on time, everyday.

• Discuss the issue with your doctor, when you know you are starting to go into depression.

• Continue enjoying activities that you normally undertake.

• Attempt to problem solve issues of stress or worry, use a friend or partner to help.

• Be aware of the symptoms that tell you, you are going into depression.

• Take up some form of relaxation, maybe a health club or even video exercise programs.

• Avoid, Avoid, and Avoid, Drugs and Alcohol. This is not a cure; it makes things worse the following day.


Your diet can assist in the treatment of depression, certain foods can assist the medication and other foods can increase the triggers of depression.

FISH – Fish is high in Omega 3, a fatty acid which is acknowledged as food for the brain. This can increase the effects of serotonin, which has the effect of raising your moods.

This is found more in sardines and salmon and you can find alternative vegetarian foods like walnuts and torfu.

It is possible to buy supplements from the chemist for Omega 3.

Other effective foods are:

• Eggs

• Baked Beans

• Meat

• Banana

• Avocado

Foods rich in vitamin B, these help by producing Tryptophan and Amino Acid (5-HTP). This converts Tryptophan to Serotonin, therefore helping to ease your moods.

Try to reduce foods that are bad for depression and moods, such as:

• Alcohol, Caffeine, Sugar, Chocolate, Cakes, Biscuits, Cheese, Bread.

Sugar highs and lows have a dramatic effect on your mood and energy levels, because sweet items introduced to the body, create sugar highs. These however only last a short period of time and it’s the sugar low that follows which causes swings in your mood. This is also evident in your energy levels and can be a great cause of lethargy, (Tiredness).


Fear, anxiety runs alongside depression and it is the fears that are experienced during a depressive state, these fears are real and need to be faced. However Anxiety is not always part of depression, it is an illness on its own.

This is a very real illness that can be debilitating, fear that can leave you housebound and afraid to even go into the garden. YES it can be that serious.

What can you do about it ?

1. Take time out – relax, calm down and take your medication. Have a cup of tea, watch TV, anything that will take your mind off the issue that caused you to panic.

2. Think about the situation; work out the worst effect of it. Discuss it with someone. The worst that can happen is you will have a panic attack and your medication will help you cope with that.

3. Do not avoid the fear; it will only become more of an issue. Face it, even if you have to ask someone to support you. When faced it is over and done with and you are no longer worrying about it.

4. Be realistic in your expectations; to be perfect is unreachable, a little untidiness or even to make mistakes is human. Do not expect what you cannot achieve. The tilted mirror, uneven books, a magazine out of place, that’s human, we cannot be living in a spotless perfectly tidy surround 24/7.

5. Think of a place of safety and imagine being there for a few minutes, holiday or friends. Feel the positive side of your thoughts, we all need security at some time and you know what yours is.

6. SLEEP, we all need sleep. Anxious people and depressives have an absolute requirement for the maximum sleep on a daily basis. Eat regular meals, continue with your normal daily tasks and pleasures and try to get a little exercise, take a walk.
I will stress that people suffering from Anxiety and Depression, need support, and the family and friends can produce a good network of support if they are aware of the situation.

You don’t have to deal with this alone, you are not a leper, and you are not the only one who does or has suffered from depression. One in ten people suffer depression at some time during their lives and around fifty of these cases are severe or even manic depressives.
People will only understand if you are honest and you don’t try to hide it from them or hide yourself away.

Do inform your doctor when you know you are slipping into depression, as he has a whole network of people who can support you and will know the best way to deal with your case.


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Please do not go it alone.

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